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And who knows … With Fortuna’s help, you might win the super jackpot and it will soon be “Arrivederci working life” for you.

“Mamma Mia!” With over € 200 million, the SuperLotto jackpot currently holds the title of the biggest jackpot ever played in Europe! Since July 2019 it has even exceeded the record jackpot of the popular EuroMillions lottery! How is that possible? In the SuperLotto, each round of the game starts with “only” € 1.3 million in the jackpot, but the winnings can rise rapidly with three game days per week … and then often reach incredible heights! With a direct hit, winnings of over € 100 million are regularly possible – or even more: the SuperLotto jackpot in Italy had already reached € 177.7 million in 2009. This impressive record was considered the record for the highest jackpot in a national lottery for almost a whole decade. Until the super jackpot reached a new all-time high and made new headlines not only in Italy … In August 2019 the jackpot was cracked at an unbelievable amount of € 209 million!

While the traffic rules in Italy seem difficult to learn even after many years for strangers and tourists, the SuperLotto rules of the game are quickly explained. On the up to 12 playing fields of the lottery ticket you cross 6 out of 90 winning numbers per box – these already contain the tip for the additional number. The more numbers the player correctly types, the higher the profit that is paid out. The special thing about it: Even with “6 correct numbers” without an additional number, you hit the jackpot in the SuperLotto and can then enjoy “La Dolce Vita”! The additional number is drawn as the seventh number from the same pool of numbers and is an additional “lucky number” in the Italian lottery. In connection with 5 correct numbers, it paves the way for the players to a rich side jackpot, which is distributed in class 2 – and with which one can already afford an Italian luxury sports car. So you can still have a good life with the Italo Lotto without a direct hit! You can find out more in our SuperLotto Help.

One of the biggest jackpots in Europe is played three times a week in the Italian SuperEnaLotto! With SuperLotto, you can now also cheer for the draws from Germany. The drawing of the winning numbers always takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. Tippers in Italy regularly make huge profits or even set European records. The highest jackpot win in 2010 was an incredible € 177 million! In Germany, players can now place tips on the winning numbers online and secure their chances of winning the super jackpots online with You bet on 6 numbers from the number range from 1 to 90. If all six crosses are placed in the right place, you reach prize class 1 and hit the SuperLotto jackpot. In addition, a lucky number is drawn as the seventh number, with which you have the opportunity to win a big side jackpot. Do you want to try your luck? With us you can easily, safely and cheaply tap the winning numbers and submit your ticket up to a few minutes before the drawing begins. Immediately after the draw you will find out about the current SuperLotto draw results here.

The new SuperLotto offers a balanced profit plan with many opportunities to get lucrative prize money. The original winning plan for the classic SuperEnaLotto already provides for six prize tiers and 2 correct winning numbers count as hits.