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6 final digits (super 6) determined. The more final digits that match those drawn, the higher the profit. The smallest prize class is thus obtained from the correct 1-digit winning number (= last digit of the ticket number, which generally corresponds to the super number). Game 77 and Super 6 cost 2.50 euros and 1.25 euros plus fees.

Due to the comparatively small contributions and the quick cross on the lottery ticket (which are automatically activated by the Internet providers!), The lottery player is encouraged to join in – often without thinking about the chances of winning. Since the smallest possible win requires the correct final digit, only about 10% of the gamblers receive a win. The total distribution is between 42 and 48%.

The jackpot arises when no winner has been determined in a prize category. The undistributed prize money remains in this prize class and is added to the next drawing in the same prize class. The jackpot can increase to many millions from drawing to drawing. New from 23.09.2020: The lottery jackpot will now grow up to € 45 million, only then will it be paid out in the lower prize category, regardless of the number of weeks (previously the rule of a maximum of 12 lottery draws without a winner). The minimum win in prize class 1, regardless of the number of winners, should be at least € 1 million.