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The SuperLotto is based on the Italian classic “SuperEnaLotto” and with over € 200 million currently holds the title for the largest jackpot ever played in Europe! Draws are held on three game days per week.

Despite the record jackpots, you can play the Italian lottery for a small price. A SuperLotto playing field costs only 1.00 euros per drawing. We do not charge you for ticket fees.

The drawing of the Italian lottery numbers for the SuperEnaLotto or SuperLotto takes place regularly on Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m. German time.

“Bella Italia …!” A game of superlatives is now coming to Germany from the country where the sun almost always shines. The huge jackpot from the Italian SuperEnaLotto is now also available for German tipsters with the new SuperLotto! Exclusively at, you can now expect colossal chances of winning at a low price – and regularly one of the highest jackpots in Europe! Prize sums of € 100 million and more are not uncommon in this popular lottery. With us you can be part of the big jackpot hunt and secure many advantages online for only € 1 per betting field. Benefit, for example, from guaranteed lottery heroes exclusive odds in many ranks and a new extra prize category, thanks to which every third tip wins! Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can hand in your ticket easily, securely and cheaply via the Internet and secure great chances in the draws with just one click! As always, we will take care of the rest: You will be informed of your hits by email and SMS and the winnings will be reliably paid out to you automatically.

The “Game 77” can be played in addition to the lottery on Saturday and Wednesday. It is an additional lottery in the form of a seven-digit ticket number, which you can receive with your ticket on request. The ticket number is permanently imprinted; it can only be changed manually on online tickets. With every lottery drawing on Saturday, the winning number for “Game 77” is drawn. The more digits that are correct, the higher the profit.

The “Super 6” works in a similar way to the additional lottery “Spiel 77”, but with “Super 6” there is only one six-digit number. Both “Super 6” and “Spiel 77” can only be played if you have first decided on a different lottery game such as “6 out of 49” – they cannot be played separately.

The lottery drawing takes place every Saturday at 7:25 p.m. As a rule, you can only participate until 7 p.m., at which point you must have bought your completed lottery ticket. The acceptance deadline for the “6 out of 49” lottery also differs slightly in some federal states:

Lotto “6 out of 49” works either in the classic way with a lottery ticket from the store or online. In both cases, you have to choose six numbers on the ticket that lie between one and 49 – hence the name.

The numbers can be chosen at will, many lottery players use a date of birth or a personal lucky number, for example. B.