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First of all, hello, I caught in 2018 for possession of drugs to drink, and he was executed for 5 years with 1 year of probation, the period of control ended without any problems, I got involved in another incident for the second time, I was acquitted of this incident, I did not receive any punishment, but a public case was opened because the execution was burned. HAGB decision will be announced. I wonder if I will be given a prison sentence or I will be fined.The event I confronted is not related to drugs, it is not the same as the first crime, so if I take a blood or urine test, my results will be clear because I do not use drugs. thank you

Hello, my male arkadsim was caught with 200 grams of drugs (weed) while drinking it with 3 people. He said I tame him. There is no evidence as a seller already. He was sentenced to 7 years for his supply. Other things were skipped. They will apply to the upper court. Please help. I am very sorry. He will be judged from outside right now. If it does, how many years will it take. Or do they release it? Thanks in advance

Mereba, I caught 6 grams of cannabis, I am 17 years old, they wrote as a seller, I opened a file, I opened something, they left me, they said we will call in 2 weeks, come to what will be the result

Hello, I was caught using drugs 2 days ago, this was the first time. Isn’t it possible to be a civil servant anymore?

Hello, according to the Civil Servants Law, the crime of using drugs is not counted as an obstacle to civil service. Receiving a prison sentence of 1 year or more is considered as an obstacle to civil service. For your information

Hello, my wife was taken off from giving drugs to her friend and she agreed and I gave it. It is not clear, the school is not close to the house, how much do you think it will be penalized if the statements change?

Hello, I am a public employee. I used a substance I did not know in the workplace, I fainted, I vomited, I did not go to the hospital, I did not give blood, but they say that he used drugs, my nobility was approved, my 1-year civil servant almost. What are the actions to be taken about me and how should I defend myself? Can I be fired, please reply 🙏

I caught cannabis a year ago, 2 days before I successfully completed the inspection. I have nothing to do while sitting in the car. The police are coming, they are looking for a cannabis substance from the friend, and in the statement, he says that it has nothing to do with us. Two months have passed since I was sitting in the park, while the police came in the gazebo, explaining that I did not have an identity card. Police officers find marijuana from the ground and say that someone other than me threw them in their statements. There is nothing about me. And the friend takes on and says he is himself. I was punished, I was not drinking. Just everyone I know is drinking, I testified in these 2 incidents, which are not related to me. I want to be an expert or watchman if my audit would be a problem for the public case

I was caught first, I went to the supervised control, I attended the seminars and urine control, then I got caught, he gave 1 year and 8 months penalty and he gave a delay of 5 years, and 2 years later, while driving with my car, they searched in translation for the child next to me.