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– I was playing the channel d in the sequence of the ‘goodbye’. Once the array is published in the Middle East, my favorite singer my friend Elissa’s manager, my song has sent my song to Chris de Burgh. They asked if the song is liked very much by Burgh and want to do duet. His glory for me. ‘Footsteps’ song wrote the English words and music in Chris de Burgh, Turkish words belong to me. Burgh stole the song to the London Symphony Orchestra. He also asked the Turkish musicians to be in the part. Erkan has contributed names such as oven and virtue removed. And stolen above 100 musicians.

– Chris de Burgh is the thinly handed and frequently. There is no phone. It is very difficult to reach. Sometimes it closes himself to the farm and can’t even reach the manager. A different man. I was too scared of singing too. I thought the guy could say “Do I Duet With It”.

– This is a song that describes all life adventure of Chris de Burgh. The steps are telling how to step by step. I also tried to write her Turkish words close to him.

– No my money is enough for such a thing? I just have financed part of the arrangements in Turkey. The UK arrangement paid that. So as I didn’t pay money out of his pocket.

– Photo is disabled. “Let’s take a photo of Chris” to put on Twitter and make promotion with it.

– I sing fantasy in the competition period. If your voice is good they put you on that fantasy category. I have no arabesque side. I listen to Chris de Burgh and Guns N’Roses.

– These are also the face-to-westward costumes. But we didn’t want to forget the eastern culture as we turned west.

– ‘I ran to the heavens, I’m standing, masky’. Because I’m climbing up, I am focused, ripe, I’m digested and shut up. You just heard the work I do, I would like to be seen.

– My mother is the teacher. I say ‘snowdrops’ to him. Because the AFTAKA has benefited and he is his doctorate. I’m an only child. Dad is living in Bolu. He has made his second marriage. My mother and dad were met in 15 days and married, I’ve been to the night of the night. My mother went to Bolu from Nişantaşı for the teaching task. The cultures of the two families are very different. Are divorced after three months. Then my mother didn’t put anyone in your life. I’ve always met with my father. I went on a 15 year old scene. Although the scene dust began not to me. I found myself managers. I’m out of five star hotels. I joined Popstar and fifth.

– Which artist can stay on the agenda every day? I know that some things are temporary as soap bubbles. I waited for five years for the first album. We have experienced problems in its distribution, I couldn’t get anyone. I have prepared the second album after four years.

You had your little sexy poses. If the album doesn’t see the interest you are waiting can you give attention to the sexy poses again?

– People are so saturated to men who are undressed … I would also undo my album. No one will buy his arm, leg, butt says album. Many female artists think that the male artist is also kissing with women in their clips. Sounds to me the stomach.

– Marry last March and never dated in the press. My wife wrote the song of ‘love deadlock’ in album. The computer is making software program. 1.80 tall, brown hair and handsome. We were close to four years.

I wish to be a player. So I finished acting at Culture University. On the one hand, I was playing in Channel D ‘goodbye. The array was shown at the same time in 24 Arab countries. I used to call your song. Both my acting and my singing attracted attention. When I went to Beirut for the first time, I couldn’t believe in people’s reaction at the airport, officially the turmoil went out. A month later, there will be an Arabic album to be published in over 20 Arab countries. We will make a duet in one of the popular artists. Salami Hahin coached in the reading of my Arabic songs.

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