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The jackpot will be played on Wednesday and you could become a millionaire without a 6 with a super number!

Secure your chance for the big lottery hit today! Because only today (03.06.2020), until exactly 6 p.m., do you have the mega chance of one of 25 MEGA lotto system tickets! With one of the mega-tickets you have incredible chances of winning the 28 million jackpot. And the best of all: the jackpot is guaranteed to be emptied on TODAY! So there will be new millionaires – maybe you will be the next BILD lottery millionaire?

What is certain is that the jackpot with 28 million euros will not survive this drawing. Either a lucky lottery player cracks the pot regularly with a six plus super number or the pot is added to the following prize categories. So you don’t necessarily need the magic six correct numbers with a super number for great luck. This so-called compulsory payout increases your chances of winning phenomenally. You need luck in any case, but – above all else! – a mega lottery ticket from BILD. And you could get it here!

BILD is giving away a total of 25 mega system tickets 012 with 12 ticked numbers each. Each of these tickets is worth a whopping 924 euros (plus 0.50 euros ticket fee) and is valid for the drawing on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020!

With a bit of luck, you can win one of these tickets and off you go with your fingers crossed!

Do you know the right solution? Then call our profit hotline.

However, the actual jackpot or the total of all daily payments can go well in excess of any jackpot win. The minimum chance of winning a prize at Cash4Life is 1:13, which is the same as in the Euromillions lottery.

We did not include Cash4Life in our overall rating due to the special nature of this daily annuity lottery, but the actual facts speak for themselves. We really recommend trying this great chance to live happily ever after.

You can now play Cash4Life with LottoStar24. If you’re a new player, take advantage of the voucher below or start playing right away, with no additional bogus fees.

When deciding which lottery is right for you, it comes down to what is most important to you. Are you interested in the largest possible jackpot, the highest probability of winning, or the best ratio between the two?

In order to draw a good conclusion for you, we have created a final ranking list with evaluation points. Each lottery receives points based on its rank within the previous 4 tables (minimum chance of winning, record jackpot, jackpot chance of winning, number of prize tiers) – 8 points for the best position, 1 point for the lowest and so on. The points for each table were then calculated collectively.

In the end, we have a fairly accurate evaluation of which lottery really offers you the best chances of winning in terms of all relevant factors:

The winner in our comparison of the odds is the Euromillion and Cash4Life lottery. Although it does not have the biggest jackpot on the market (but the highest in Europe), it offers you the highest number of prize classes, a fair jackpot chance of winning and the second-best minimum win chance. Based on these criteria, playing Lotto 6 out of 49, Eurojackpot and Powerball is also good choices. You can find all of them here at LottoStar24.

Numbers have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I am always happy to receive new information and statistics. So also lottery numbers and odds. I enjoy sharing new information with the world.

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With this lucky number, in combination with 5 correct winning numbers, you have the opportunity to win the side jackpot in rank 2, which is well filled with at least € 250,000. In order to guarantee that the SuperEnaLotto winning numbers are drawn properly, the draws are monitored by an independent body. The draws are also recorded and can be viewed on the Internet – an exciting experience for lottery fans. As in Germany, winners from past draws are often announced or statistics on numbers and interesting information about the lottery are revealed. If you want to find out more, you will find the rules of the game and everything you need to know in our practical SuperLotto help.

With, players from Germany now also have the chance to play for one of the largest jackpots on the continent at SuperLotto – or to secure lucrative lottery prizes in the other prize categories. The current lottery numbers from Italy can always be found here on this page immediately after the drawing. Of course, we will automatically inform all players who have given us a tip whether they have won. Immediately after the results of the draws have been announced, we will send you personal prize information by email and / or SMS. We will also automatically pay you the lottery winnings you have won. We pay out quickly and securely to your customer account. Alternatively, we offer a direct transfer to your bank account as a special player service! By the way, if you want to try our service for free and without obligation, you will always find a large selection of free lottery tips here.

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With you have chosen the test winner among the online lottery platforms. Since 2012 we have been pursuing the unconditional goal of offering our customers the best possible gaming fun: simple, safe and convenient.

The numbers from the lottery on Saturday can also be found on ZDF teletext page 556.

Saturday Lotto winning numbers are also announced each week on the first. But not live – the first gives the current lottery numbers at 7:57 p.m. in front of the news. The show is moderated by Franziska Reichenbacher.

The live drawing of the lottery numbers will be moderated by the German-Canadian presenter and pop singer Miriam Hannah and the television presenter, journalist and entrepreneur Chris Fleischhauer.

Incidentally, the numbers are drawn from a former dubbing studio at Saarländischer Rundfunk on Halberg in Saarbrücken. Smart ass knowledge for all party talkers: Basically, lottery balls are commercially available, printed table tennis balls.

It gets exciting when the jackpot of Lotto 6 out of 49 is not cracked for a while. Since September 2020, there is no longer a compulsory distribution with the 13th drawing, as before, but whenever the limit of 45 million euros has been reached. This means that the winnings are always limited to this amount with Lotto 6 out of 49 – regardless of the number of drawings. So then the procedure is:

If there is one or more winners of the incredible sum of 45 million euros, the jackpot amount is paid out regularly. A compulsory distribution was therefore not made.

If, however, no player is lucky and the winnings in a draw exceed the amount of 45 million euros in prize class 1, the excess amount will be added to the next lower prize class in which one or more prizes are determined.

By the way: In North Rhine-Westphalia, WestLotto, based in Münster, is the state’s lottery company. WestLotto carries out games of chance in NRW on behalf of the state. In addition, WestLotto maintains 19 districts within North Rhine-Westphalia, which look after the acceptance point network consisting of around 3,500 acceptance points.

Year after year, Westlotto generates millions for the state budget of North Rhine-Westphalia, which in turn are distributed to non-profit institutions. Since 1955, more than 29 billion euros have flowed into the common good, more than 600 million euros in 2019 alone. This money is made up of the lottery tax and the concession fees, which in turn are divided into earmarked and non-earmarked taxes.

Note: The Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) provides information on the website or on the free and anonymous hotline 0800/137 27 00 about offers of help on the subject of gambling addiction. At you can carry out a self-test or arrange an online consultation.

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The SuperLotto is based on the Italian classic “SuperEnaLotto” and with over € 200 million currently holds the title for the largest jackpot ever played in Europe! Draws are held on three game days per week.

Despite the record jackpots, you can play the Italian lottery for a small price. A SuperLotto playing field costs only 1.00 euros per drawing. We do not charge you for ticket fees.

The drawing of the Italian lottery numbers for the SuperEnaLotto or SuperLotto takes place regularly on Tuesday and Thursday and on Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m. German time.

“Bella Italia …!” A game of superlatives is now coming to Germany from the country where the sun almost always shines. The huge jackpot from the Italian SuperEnaLotto is now also available for German tipsters with the new SuperLotto! Exclusively at, you can now expect colossal chances of winning at a low price – and regularly one of the highest jackpots in Europe! Prize sums of € 100 million and more are not uncommon in this popular lottery. With us you can be part of the big jackpot hunt and secure many advantages online for only € 1 per betting field. Benefit, for example, from guaranteed lottery heroes exclusive odds in many ranks and a new extra prize category, thanks to which every third tip wins! Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can hand in your ticket easily, securely and cheaply via the Internet and secure great chances in the draws with just one click! As always, we will take care of the rest: You will be informed of your hits by email and SMS and the winnings will be reliably paid out to you automatically.

The “Game 77” can be played in addition to the lottery on Saturday and Wednesday. It is an additional lottery in the form of a seven-digit ticket number, which you can receive with your ticket on request. The ticket number is permanently imprinted; it can only be changed manually on online tickets. With every lottery drawing on Saturday, the winning number for “Game 77” is drawn. The more digits that are correct, the higher the profit.

The “Super 6” works in a similar way to the additional lottery “Spiel 77”, but with “Super 6” there is only one six-digit number. Both “Super 6” and “Spiel 77” can only be played if you have first decided on a different lottery game such as “6 out of 49” – they cannot be played separately.

The lottery drawing takes place every Saturday at 7:25 p.m. As a rule, you can only participate until 7 p.m., at which point you must have bought your completed lottery ticket. The acceptance deadline for the “6 out of 49” lottery also differs slightly in some federal states:

Lotto “6 out of 49” works either in the classic way with a lottery ticket from the store or online. In both cases, you have to choose six numbers on the ticket that lie between one and 49 – hence the name.

The numbers can be chosen at will, many lottery players use a date of birth or a personal lucky number, for example. B.

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And who knows … With Fortuna’s help, you might win the super jackpot and it will soon be “Arrivederci working life” for you.

“Mamma Mia!” With over € 200 million, the SuperLotto jackpot currently holds the title of the biggest jackpot ever played in Europe! Since July 2019 it has even exceeded the record jackpot of the popular EuroMillions lottery! How is that possible? In the SuperLotto, each round of the game starts with “only” € 1.3 million in the jackpot, but the winnings can rise rapidly with three game days per week … and then often reach incredible heights! With a direct hit, winnings of over € 100 million are regularly possible – or even more: the SuperLotto jackpot in Italy had already reached € 177.7 million in 2009. This impressive record was considered the record for the highest jackpot in a national lottery for almost a whole decade. Until the super jackpot reached a new all-time high and made new headlines not only in Italy … In August 2019 the jackpot was cracked at an unbelievable amount of € 209 million!

While the traffic rules in Italy seem difficult to learn even after many years for strangers and tourists, the SuperLotto rules of the game are quickly explained. On the up to 12 playing fields of the lottery ticket you cross 6 out of 90 winning numbers per box – these already contain the tip for the additional number. The more numbers the player correctly types, the higher the profit that is paid out. The special thing about it: Even with “6 correct numbers” without an additional number, you hit the jackpot in the SuperLotto and can then enjoy “La Dolce Vita”! The additional number is drawn as the seventh number from the same pool of numbers and is an additional “lucky number” in the Italian lottery. In connection with 5 correct numbers, it paves the way for the players to a rich side jackpot, which is distributed in class 2 – and with which one can already afford an Italian luxury sports car. So you can still have a good life with the Italo Lotto without a direct hit! You can find out more in our SuperLotto Help.

One of the biggest jackpots in Europe is played three times a week in the Italian SuperEnaLotto! With SuperLotto, you can now also cheer for the draws from Germany. The drawing of the winning numbers always takes place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. Tippers in Italy regularly make huge profits or even set European records. The highest jackpot win in 2010 was an incredible € 177 million! In Germany, players can now place tips on the winning numbers online and secure their chances of winning the super jackpots online with You bet on 6 numbers from the number range from 1 to 90. If all six crosses are placed in the right place, you reach prize class 1 and hit the SuperLotto jackpot. In addition, a lucky number is drawn as the seventh number, with which you have the opportunity to win a big side jackpot. Do you want to try your luck? With us you can easily, safely and cheaply tap the winning numbers and submit your ticket up to a few minutes before the drawing begins. Immediately after the draw you will find out about the current SuperLotto draw results here.

The new SuperLotto offers a balanced profit plan with many opportunities to get lucrative prize money. The original winning plan for the classic SuperEnaLotto already provides for six prize tiers and 2 correct winning numbers count as hits.